Mastering Meta Ads: Strategies for Marketplaces


Riccardo Montis


February 14, 2023


In the realm of Meta ads, understanding your customer's journey is key. 

The Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) analysis shows that marketplaces thrive when their ads resonate with the specific needs and stages of their audience's journey. Whether it’s a software provider from the UK or a learning platform in the US, each customer has a unique path, and our Meta ads should guide them seamlessly from awareness to decision-making.

Leveraging MOFU Strategies with Meta Ads - Case Study of RVshare

In the Middle of the Funnel (MOFU), where potential customers are intrigued but not fully convinced, Meta ads play a crucial role. Taking a leaf from RVshare's playbook, we see the power of using Meta ads to direct users to insightful blog articles, nudging them towards newsletter sign-ups and deeper engagement. This approach is about providing value - be it educational content or testimonials - to gently guide the user towards a decision.

RVShare MOFU - Meta Ad fro a blog article

Insights from Marketplace Leaders Marketplaces like Cruise America and RVshare have shown us the effectiveness of varying ad strategies across the sales funnel. While Cruise America uses its homepage for broader campaigns, they switch to specialized landing pages for targeted promotions. In contrast, RVshare’s focus on content marketing via blog articles demonstrates a keen understanding of how to nurture leads at different stages effectively. Another tactic of Cruise America is using Meta ads to increase their Facebook page followers, serving as an example of MOFU strategy.

Cruise America - Facebook page

Creative Tactics for Maximizing ROAS in Meta Ads

A strategic design approach is crucial for maximizing Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) in Meta ads. It's about going beyond standard practices like employing mood boards for visual inspiration, diving into competitor research for insights, and extracting the essence of customer interviews to understand what truly resonates. This creative process, infused with data-driven insights, is key to crafting ads that not only capture attention but also convert.

Reducing CAC with Targeted Meta Ad Strategies

High Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is a common challenge in digital advertising. Our approach is to focus on a variety of creative formats: from engaging videos to dynamic GIFs. Each ad is a testbed for understanding what clicks with our audience, be it in the US or UK, software or retail. It's about refining our targeting, experimenting with campaign objectives, and crafting landing pages that speak directly to our audience's needs.

Integrating ICP Insights into the Customer Journey

Our ICP analysis has been instrumental in tailoring Meta ads to align with our customer's journey. For instance, we've identified digital marketers and small business owners as our primary audience. These insights enable us to create Meta ads that address their unique challenges and aspirations, from seeking scalable marketing solutions to overcoming poor ad performances.


In the ever-evolving landscape of Meta ads, the key to enhanced performance lies in understanding and aligning with the customer journey.

By diversifying strategies across the funnel, leveraging creative tactics, and integrating deep customer insights, marketplaces can achieve remarkable results. It's about being data-driven yet creative, strategic yet flexible.

Are you ready to transform your Meta ad strategy and see tangible results in your marketplace?

Reach out to us for a tailored approach that aligns with your unique business needs and customer journey.

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