How we helped MentorCruise achieve 82% decrease in CPA
on Google Ads.  

Growth in conversions
Decrease in CPA
Growth in CTR

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About MentorCruise

MentorCruise is a leading mentoring marketplace, which has facilitated over 18,800 matches between mentees and mentors, with a network of 4,500+ mentors spanning 130+ countries.  The marketplace focuses on helping mentees upgrade their skills in the tech space across coding, product management, design, and marketing. Their mentors are connected across leading companies including, Microsoft, Meta, Tesla, Airbnb, among many others.


Tracking data correctly across the customer funnel, mapping primary and secondary events as well as conversions  Google ad campaign structure was not optimised to run multiple campaigns in different countries  Generic ad campaign copy and low Google quality score, hamstrung by scarce account optimisation   Hyper competitive market for Google ads


Audited, tested and set up data tracking for all the conversion events, including secondary conversions across the whole conversion funnel.Here we analysed the bottom of the funnel (BoFu), middle of the funnel (MoFu) and top of the funnel (ToFu) to draw a holistic set of conclusions using Google Tag Manager, GA4 and Google ads. We also set up and tested  Google Ads Enhance conversion and consent mode setup for GDPR compliance that allowed us to collect user data for remarketing lists and campaigns.  Analysed the GA4 and Google Search Console SEO data to create a tailored and targeted campaign strategy, that was complementary to the SEO strategy.  Restructured Google ads account to optimise multiple market-specific campaigns and created new ad copy in order to increase the quality score. Narrowed down the key services to focus on to focus on  ROI drivers including  the top countries based on both the account and SEO data.



Our changes and optimizations yielded a 938% increase in the number of conversions and an 82% decrease in CPA, while maintaining the same monthly marketing budget.

It is important to note that this industry is hyper-competitive, and constant optimizations and A/B tests are performed to sustain these results over time,discovering new strategies for acquiring users at efficient price points. Additionally, we are checking the product data to ensure that new sign-ups advance through the pipeline and convert, generating ROI for the marketplaces, as opposed to simply focusing on optimising the cost of sign-ups.