We help marketing agencies to sign on high-value clients in less than 12-weeks.

Completely done for you, from list building of your Ideal Customer Profile to scheduling your appointments.

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We Find & Connect you with Saas Investors.


We help Saas founders to find investors by building curated investor lists & personalised cold emails.

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Struggling to Find Funding?

Running and growing a business is hard enough. After thousands of hours spent perfecting your business or product, you’ve done everything you can and you’re ready to take the next step.

The only problem is you lack the cashflow to make it happen.

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Did you know only 0.96% of startups achieve funding from a VC or angel investor?

After making a few initial sales, most startups seem to hit a brick wall. They lack the cash they need to achieve their goals. They might know how to run their business, but they struggle with investor outreach! Breaking into the world of VCs is tricky, and it’s all about who you know. That’s where we come in…

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Personalised investor cold emails at scale

We conduct investor research, create curated investor lists, and personalise every investor email outreach on your behalf.

This will help you in developing new investor relationships before your fundraising round opens, as well as generate sufficient interest to subscribe to your investment round fully.

How it Works

We've made the process as easy as possible so you can stop wasting time and secure investor meetings quickly, easily and confidently.

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Step 1

Meeting to review your curated investor list: remove investors that
are not a fit.

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Step 2

We set up a new email domain for the personalised email outreach on your behalf.

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Step 3

Build relationships and send updates before the fundraising round opens.

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Step 4

Open the round and close the investor's tickets that you nurtured.

Raise your Funding Round 10x faster

It can take a founder 500+ hours to develop and execute an effective fundraising plan.

Secure Your First Meeting

1 to 2 meetings booked for you

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1 to 2 guaranteed meetings scheduled
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Investor research & curated investor list building
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Verified investor's emails with 98% accuracy
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Emails sent on your behalf
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Reply directly on your inbox
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Scale Your Meeting Schedule

10 to 12 meetings booked for you

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10 to 12 guaranteed meetings scheduled
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Investor research & curated investor list building
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Set up high deliverability email domain
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Updates and reporting
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Emails sent on your behalf
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0% success fee
Fundraise Now

Build investor relationships at scale

Fundraising can take time, but we’ve helped streamline the process. We have a proven system for investor researches, build curated investor lists and personalise investor email outreach. As a result, you can build new investor relationships at scale before opening your fundraising round.

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